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Welcome to Bonda Technology Pte Ltd

Located in the world's busiest port, the thriving city-state Singapore, Bonda Technology (BondaTek) Pte Ltd. is a promising provider of semiconductor materials and microfabrication services.

Our advanced materials include, but are not limited to, silicon wafers, solar wafers, SOI wafer, glass wafers, AIIIBV compound and epitaxy-based compound wafers, thin film coated wafers, sputtering targets, chrome photo mask blanks.

Our professional services include mask fabrication and silicon microfabrication. We provide one stop micro-fabricating solution from mask design, photo mask fabrication to device microfabrication. Our professional technical team is capable to deliver quality service with faster turnaround time and better cost efficiencies to our clients.

BondaTek welcomes companies from all over the world to share their experience and successes together!

With support from: 

Distinctive Clients

  • National University of Singapore
  • Nanyang Technological University
  • Agency for Science, Research and Technology (A* Star)
  • Singapore-MIT alliance
  • DSO National Laboratories
  • King Abdullah University of Science and Technology
    (Saudi Arabia)
  • Leiden University (Netherlands)
  • Indian Institute of Science Education and Research (India)
  • University of Queensland (Australia)


  • Semiconductor Si wafers and Solar wafers
  • Silicon on insulator (SOI) wafers
  • Mask blanks (soda lime and quartz)
  • Glass wafers (Pyrex 7740, quartz, soda lime, etc)
  • AIIIBV compounds (GaAs, GaP, InP, InAs, etc)
  • Sapphire wafers
  • Sputtering targets
  • Thin films-Oxide, nitride
  • Packing boxes for crystal, wafers, filter, chip, etc
  • Optical component


  • Fabrication of soda lime/quartz photolithographic masks
  • Silicon microfabrication (wet etching, dry etching and wafer bonding)
  • Consultancy of fabrication process
  • Characterization of microdevices/microsystems
  • Consultancy of microfluidics and biological microdevices

    Service Hotline:
    Tel.: +65-6515 8750
    Fax : +65-6515 8795
    Email: sales@bondatek.com