BondaTek carries full range of FZ and CZ silicon wafers, the specifications and parameters comply with SEMI standards.

  • Prime, test, mechanic grades
  • Diameter from 2" to 12"
  • Ultra thin or ultra thick
  • Crystalline orientation <100>, <111>, <110>
  • Most resistivity range
  • P type/ Boron, N type/Phos, As doped
  • Heavily doped or intrinsic wafers
  • Single side polished or double sides polished
  • Semi-standard flats or notch point
  • We keep a stock of silicon wafers with various specifications all the time. Contact us for immediate quotation and delivery.

soi wAFERS

Silicon on insulator (SOI) wafers are a three layer material stack composed of the following: an active layer of prime quality silicon (DEVICE LAYER) over a buried layer (BOX) of electrically insulating material (like silicon dioxide, sapphire, silicon nitride, etc), over a bulk silicon support wafer (HANDLE LAYER).

SOI wafers provide a manufacturing solution which helps reduce power and heat while increasing the speed performance of a device. They are widely used for the fabrication of micro electro mechanical system, micro optical devices, sensors, RF switches, power devices, and advanced CMOS IC chips. SOI wafers are unique products which are often custom-built for specific end-user applications.

BondaTek is able to meet customer's needs for SOI wafers with diameter from 76.2mm to 300mm. We accommodate SOI requests for development of small quantities as well as ongoing requirements.


Material: Monocrystalline Silicon

size: 125mm x 125mm and 156mm x 156mm

Application: Solar System

Packing: Carton

Color: Grey

Advantage: high quality/ short lead time/ low price/ customization
specifications:Conductive Type: N type/ Phos doped

Orientation: <100>=/-3 degree

Resistivity: 1 - 3, 3- 6

Bulk lifetime: >=1000us

Oxygen Content: <=0.1*10^18cm^3 Carbon Content: <=0.1* 10^17cm^3

Thickness: 200+/-20um TTV: <=25UM Saw Mark:<=15um Warp :<=40um

Chips: Depth <0.3mm, length <0.5mm Less than 2 chips per wafers

Appearance: No stain, No Pinhole and cracks by Visual Inspection Dislocation Density:^2