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SOI Wafers

Silicon on insulator (SOI) wafers are a three layer material stack composed of the following: an active layer of prime quality silicon (DEVICE LAYER) over a buried layer (BOX) of electrically insulating material (like silicon dioxide, sapphire, silicon nitride, etc), over a bulk silicon support wafer (HANDLE LAYER).


SOI wafers provide a manufacturing solution which helps reduce power and heat while increasing the speed performance of a device. They are widely used for the fabrication of micro electro mechanical system, micro optical devices, sensors, RF switches, power devices, and advanced CMOS IC chips.

SOI wafers are unique products which are often custom-built for specific end-user applications. BondaTek is able to meet customer's needs for SOI wafers with diameter from 76.2mm to 300mm. We accommodate SOI requests for development of small quantities as well as ongoing requirements.


  • Semiconductor Si wafers and Solar wafers
  • Silicon on insulator (SOI) wafers
  • Mask blanks (soda lime and quartz)
  • Glass wafers (Pyrex 7740, quartz, soda lime, etc)
  • AIIIBV compounds (GaAs, GaP, InP, InAs, etc)
  • Sapphire wafers
  • Sputtering targets
  • Thin films-Oxide, nitride
  • Packing boxes for crystal, wafers, filter, chip, etc
  • Optical component


  • Fabrication of soda lime/quartz photolithographic masks
  • Silicon microfabrication (wet etching, dry etching and wafer bonding)
  • Consultancy of fabrication process
  • Characterization of microdevices/microsystems
  • Consultancy of microfluidics and biological microdevices

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